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My Name Is NOT Cancer

Coping with Cancer

When diagnosed with cancer, you`ll be given access to comprehensive information about all things cancer: the type; stage; treatment options; resources; support etc. This will be based on valuable research and professional experience and will help you understand your situation.


  • How do you cope with chemo, nausea, hair loss, etc?
  • What hints/tips/distractions might you find useful?
  • Are there techniques and tips you could try that may help you not get lost in a particular situation?

The information within our website is unique. We have identified a need to access a resource giving useful advice (hints and tips) on a range of different situations that may be experienced when dealing with cancer, written by individuals with personal understanding (been there, done that) and professional knowledge (nursing/medical/support staff)

Megan stated:


Having cancer can feel isolating. Even talking directly to someone else with cancer can make you feel this way as it`s difficult to relate to someone facing their own cancer gremlins, who are experiencing different things!. Chat rooms have their place but it`s all about cancer! There needs to be somewhere people with cancer can find different ways to approach coping; a selection of suggestions as how to make a grotty situation a little better; different techniques to try. Its good to get information about your cancer type and treatments etc… but what about how “to be”?


We invite any individual who would like to contribute helpful tips, techniques and advice that may be of assistance to others facing similar situations, to please contact us. And, if there is a relevant subject area not already covered within our information, please contact us and we`ll make an appeal on that topic.

Coping with cancer?
Your name is NOT cancer!

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