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My Name Is NOT Cancer

The MNINC Publication

My Name Is NOT Cancer encourages you to be your own person, not a victim of cancer, giving you self belief and courage possibly at the times you feel most vulnerable.

YOU STAND OUT... your illness doesn't.

Survivorship starts NOW!

Communication is key.


  • Encourages good communication between you, your healthcare providers, family, friends and support services.
  • Suitable for anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender, faith, culture, diagnosis or prognosis.
  • Gives reassurance that cancer does not define identity, you can still be you!
  • It's empowering.
  • Compliments other publications already in circulation and works in conjunction with any information you've already received.
  • Supports anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis and helps you find your inner strength to face any challenges that may be encountered.

Cancer does not define you, you can still be you.

Patient Testimony

I've just received a copy of the MNINC leaflet which is simply inspirational and so effective! ~ Patient

Love the Publication and the fact that even though we are going through similar things, the word cancer doesn`t label us! ~  Ellen M, Patient

Had another look at the publication and agree... we should not be judged by cancer!” ~ JC, Patient

How to use My Name Is NOT Cancer

My Name is NOT Cancer is essential within cancer support and is relevant in five core areas of care, in each area helping individuals retain a sense of self whilst promoting good communication with healthcare providers and support services! Here are some of the ways the MNINC Publication can help you...

  1. On diagnosis: As the first information made available, this leaflet supports you at a time you may feel overwhelmed and shocked by your cancer diagnosis and can be used as a foundation for any relationship between yourself and those professionals in your team! It empowers you to identify and express your thoughts and feelings to your medical team, promoting good communication and trust.
  2. During/after treatment: When approaching any point of a cancer journey (treatment changes, altered outcomes, recovery) the MNINC Publication can opens the door to difficult or awkward conversations which may help you and your family, and access the support you may need to keep on keeping on!
  3. Drug Trials/Transplants: Receiving or revisiting the MNINC Publication at this point reassures you of your value, by continuing to acknowledge and appreciate your individuality and identity: that you're not "just a number" and that cancer doesn't define you... you do!
  4. Palliative Care: This little leaflet gives you the permission to retain your right to hopes, dreams and aspirations! It encourages you to work within any limitations being experienced (which can be really hard to acknowledge) and helps you feel empowered, rather than limited by time!
  5. Carers/Family/Friends: It's a vital resource which encourages carers to take care of themselves! Your support is essential, and the MNINC Publication help you to not loose sight of the person (coping with cancer) It also helps you overcome any apprehension and fear of: appearance changes; coping with fatigue; navigating the endless rounds of hospital appointments. It's also a gentle reminder to take time with others that are also affected by the cancer diagnosis: siblings, partners, children, parents.

*Healthcare Professionals & Support Services: Please contact us to discover how you can make optimum use of the MNINC Publication with your patient groups.

Professional testimony

I work on a haematology oncology unit in Birmingham, and think these leaflets and your website are very useful to patients" ~ L Baker

I ordered 500 and circulated them to Macmillan centres across the country. Hopefully this will reach a broad cross spectrum of individuals and help everyone that would benefit from the MNINC Publication ~ L Cooper, Macmillan Cancer Support.

I work with 16-24 year olds and your leaflet is highly appropriate for their needs ~  M Rees, Clic Sargent

Fabulous resource. We put one in every new patient pack! ~  L Case, Teenage Cancer Trust

I run a Hospice in Scunthorpe and I'm very impressed with the publication ~  A Tindall

A valuable resource

  • At work: Make it available to any employee or personnel facing diagnosis or coping with the challenges involved with having cancer. The MNINC Publication gives employers the support and encouragement they need to ensure employees maintain their identity and sense of self and encourages a normality within the work environment, recognised as beneficial to all those affected.
  • In education: This publication is not all about cancer and is suitable for schools and colleges! It can be integrated within the National Curriculum as a useful learning tool, outlining how to maintain positivity and focus, giving students the necessary tools to find a resilience and sense of self when facing any adversity.

Produced to the highest quality

The MNINC Publication has been produced on 170grm silk paper, researched by Megan as the paper least likely to irritate if patients are experiencing peripheral neuropathy (a side affect found to be particularly debilitating)

Please Note: Fiona Fletcher, CEO of MY Name Is NOT Cancer, is a Keynote Speaker on the MNINC Publication and Retaining Identity and Sense of Self when Facing Adversity! Winner of the 2012 WIBA Not For Profit Award, please contact us if you would like Fiona to speak at your event 

As long as you have memories, yesterday remains. As long as you have hope, tomorrow awaits.
So do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Because YOUR name is NOT cancer!  

If you require further information relating to the MNINC Publication, please Contact us.

A note on Copyright

My Name Is NOT Cancer® is protected by Copyright, with all rights reserved. This publication is not permitted to be reproduced, using photocopying or any other means. This will seriously result in loss of quality and compromise the standards we believe you deserve!

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